John Boehner Calls Ted Cruz “Lucifer In The Flesh”

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images.
Former House Speaker John Boehner may be a Republican, but that doesn't mean he supports all of the GOP presidential candidates. In a wide-ranging talk at Stanford University on Wednesday, Boehner shared some harsh words about Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. When an audience member from the student crowd asked Boehner about Cruz, the former speaker called him "Lucifer in the flesh." "I have Democrat friends and Republican friends," Boehner went on to say. "I get along with almost everyone, but I have never worked with a more miserable son of a bitch in my life." He also didn't shy away from mentioning the jokes about the pronunciation of his last name. "You can call me boner, beaner, jackass, happy to answer to almost anything," Boehner told the crowd, according to The Stanford Daily. As for the other two Republican presidential candidates, Boehner called Donald Trump one of his "texting buddies," and said he's friends with Ohio Gov. John Kasich, though he hinted that the relationship is a bit strained. "[Kasich] requires more effort on my behalf than all my other friends…but he's still my friend, and I love him," Boehner told the Stanford crowd. Boehner said that if Trump wins the Republican party's nomination, he'll vote for him — and he also said he wouldn't vote for Cruz. Given the comparison the former speaker drew between Cruz and Satan himself, the admission isn't exactly a surprise.

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