5 ClassPass Alternatives You Can Actually Afford

Photographed by Danny Kim.
Social media has spoken: People aren't exactly happy about the latest change to ClassPass. The subscription that allows you to take classes from multiple local fitness studios announced a price hike today that has left some customers declaring their intent to cancel: What was once a $99-per-month commitment for unlimited fitness classes has now ballooned to $190 in some cities (with less-expensive options for five or 10 classes per month). But there are still plenty of inexpensive (or, even better, free!) exercise options out there. Okay, so they might not be as glamorous as visiting a trendy boutique studio, but trust us, they can fulfill some of the same needs that drew you to ClassPass in the first place — flexibility, variety, and a good workout. So go ahead and write your angry tweet; then, get back on the (stationary) bike.
Check Out Your City's Free Fitness Options
If you live in a large city, your tax dollars might be funding a sweat-session opportunity that you can take for free. New York City, for example, offers free drop-in classes in Zumba, cross training, and even "washboard abs." Meanwhile, every summer, the Boston Public Health Commission hosts free workout classes in city parks.
Watch A Fitness Video On YouTube
There are plenty of fitness classes built into the streaming services you already pay for, like Hulu. And as long as you have Wi-Fi, you can access short fitness tutorials for free. Try PopPilates for a solid core workout and SuperHeroFitness for incredibly fun and energetic dance routines.

Try A R29 30-Day Fitness Challenge
Looking to strengthen your legs? Gain guns of steel? Our 30-Day Fitness Challenges give you step-by-step plans for reaching all your fitness goals. Bonus: Many of them are equipment-free.
Buy a Fitness Package On Groupon
Groupon and other coupon services offer cheap options on small bundles of classes, making them lower-risk than signing up for a full gym membership. If you don't like a class or get bored with the studio, just buy another from a different gym.
Sign Up For Trial Memberships
While three-day or even week-long free trials at gyms might seem like a short-term solution, any major city boasts enough fitness centers to fill your calendar for a month or more. Giving them all a try before you buy is about more than saving money; you can learn what you're really looking for in a gym.

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