Who Will Hillary Clinton Pick For Vice President?

With Hillary Clinton as the presumptive Democratic nominee, eyes are turning to the next question: Who will she pick for her running mate?
Names have been swirling for a few weeks as Clinton inched closer to the delegate count to clinch the race, from long-term associates and supporters to businessmen. In late May, a staffer confirmed to The New York Times that Clinton was already looking at a short list of potential veeps, including at least one woman.
With Clinton’s primary victories, America is at last going to see the first presidential election with a woman topping the ballot. But what if — gasp — we had two women?
It’s not impossible. In an interview with ABC News shortly before she declared her victory in Brooklyn on Tuesday night, Clinton left the possibility open, but made no promises. Asked if the country was ready to have two women on the ticket, she said she thought it was likely “at some point.”
“Maybe this time, maybe in the future,” she said.
Though there’s no confirmation as yet as to who Clinton might be considering for the vice presidential seat, that doesn’t stop the speculation. We've collected some of the most prominent names swirling around; click through to learn about the possible vice presidential picks.

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