Men Reading Sexist Tweets To Women Sports Reporters Is #MoreThanMean

It's not easy being a female sports reporter in the internet age. Just ask Chicago-based radio anchor and Sports Illustrated contributor Julie DiCaro and ESPN reporter Sarah Spain, who are constantly attacked on Twitter for daring to do their job while being female. To show just how bad it can really get, Just Not Sports decided to make a video that features men reading real tweets about Spain and DiCaro to their faces. As you can imagine, it gets awkward real quick.
At first these tweets range from men complaining that Spain sounds like a "nagging wife" on TV and that DiCaro is "run of the mill beat writer." But they soon get a lot meaner, not to mention much more sexist and violent. "One of the players should beat you to death with their hockey stick like the whore you are," one man reads uncomfortably. Another tweet says, "This is why we don't hire any females unless we need our cocks sucked or our food cooked." Too many talk about rape, including one that states, "Hopefully the skank Julie DiCaro is Bill Cosby's next victim." While the two women have seen the tweets ahead of time, the men reading them have not. Most of the men pause and question if they really have to read these awful things. All say sorry for these tweets, which they didn't even write. But, the point of the video is clear. These tweets are #MoreThanMean, they're sexist and unnecessary. The video states, "We wouldn't say it to their faces, so let's not type it." A motto more men on the internet need to tweet by.

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