This New Mascara Is Bending The Rules — & The Results Are Amazing

If there’s one thing that’s certain beyond death and taxes, it’s that the search for the perfect mascara is eternal. Luckily, the beauty industry is constantly cranking out new and improved formulas to help us all find "the One."

The latest innovations in coat-every-single-lash formulas feature pliable wands and tips, created to help us reach both the roots of lashes and the shorter hairs near the inner corners of the eyes by bending into unique shapes. Could the Gumby of mascara be its new holy grail? We took MAC Pro Beyond Twisted Lash for a spin.
The just-released mascara boasts a remarkably thin and flexible design, but its real innovation is in its pipe cleaner-like wand, which can be bent at any angle up to 90 degrees. The brush head itself can also be curved, but manipulating either takes some work.

The only issue we had was getting the brush into the desired shape. Since finagling the brush and wand with our fingers felt unhygienic — not to mention messy — we tried dragging the wand out of the tube at an angle; this bent the wand slightly, but left us wanting in the control department. Since mascara is one of the most bacteria-laden cosmetics in the game, we finally used a tissue to protect the wand and brush from our clean (but deep down, still dirty) mitts while bending them into our desired shape.

Once we got the brush bent to perfection, it really did perform. The end result was a defined and lengthened look that fanned lashes like a dream. And the formula didn't clump on us, either, making it an excellent contender for an everyday mascara that delivers a clean and natural look. That said, we’re not sure how much we’d fuss with the wand’s features on the regular.

MAC isn’t the only company bending the rules on mascara. Those who want to get in on the action but prefer a thicker brush head can opt for Too Cool for School Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara; it also features a malleable brush and launches at Sephora early next month.

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