Here’s How To Create Your Own Rainbow Highlighter

Last week, the internet went crazy over this rainbow-inspired Prism highlighter by BitterLaceBeauty.
If you couldn’t get your hands on the sold-out illuminator, here's your chance to create it yourself. One Redditor combined various makeup products to create a DIY version of the highlighter. “I've been seeing Bitter Lace Beauty's Prism highlighter all over Instagram, and it got me thinking that I could probably create something that would give a similar result with products I had lying around,” TheKittenButcher wrote on Reddit. The products used were Elf Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette, Elf Gotta Glow Highlighter, Guerlain Meteorites pearls, Mac Vanilla Pigment, Clinique blush compact, and rubbing alcohol.
TheKittenButcher provided a step-by-step tutorial. First, you crush the powder, add alcohol, and press with a paper towel. Then, “I chose the pans of eyeshadow I wanted to use, and pryed them out of the palette with a knife, and scraped them into a muffin tray to keep the colors separate. I crushed them as finely as I could, then added the crushed highlighter until I was satisfied with the colors,” she wrote. You finish the product by adding drops of alcohol until a paste is formed, then separate the strips of color with a toothpick, and press the pan with a paper towel to stop the color from transferring. Give it 24 hours to fully dry, then it's ready to rock! Bonus: Now you have a use for any broken and unused makeup you have lying around.

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