This Is What It Really Looks Like When Kylie Jenner Takes A Selfie

Kim Kardashian may have written the book on selfies. (Okay, more like snapped the book on selfies.) But Kylie Jenner is no slouch when it comes to capturing herself in a camera lens. Which makes sense, given that she's had a lot — and we mean a lot — of practice. Rob Kardashian recently caught his younger sister in what seems to be her native habitat: very good lighting.
Kylie didn't seem especially pleased to find her big brother snooping. But then again, he did give her a decent amount of warning. When somebody says "hey" over and over again, the normal response is to acknowledge that they're trying to get your attention. She kinda deserved this behind-the-scenes peek at how the doughnuts are made to wind up on Instagram.

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