Do You Live In A State That's Never Elected A Woman To Congress?

Here's yet another bleak statistic showing how much work needs to be done to achieve gender parity in U.S. politics: It's 2016 and three states have still never sent a woman to Congress.

Vox's Soo Oh shines a light on that sad trend in a map that shows which states and districts have elected women to Congress.

In case you're wondering, the three states with zero history of female representation in Washington, D.C., are Delaware, Vermont, and Mississippi.

And when you divide the stats into the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives, things look even worse. Iowa and Alaska have never elected women to the House, while a whopping 22 states have never elected female U.S. senators.

In Vox's map below, the pink hue represents states that have elected at least one female representative to the House. The blue states, meanwhile, are ones where at least one woman has been elected to the Senate. The purple color represents states where at least one woman has served in both chambers.

In addition to creating a map showing each state's history of electing — or not electing — women to Congress, Vox has created a searchable tool that lets you see which, if any, Congresswomen have represented you, based on your address. Check out Vox's searchable map here.

For more on the push to get more women in public office, read our story about the organization She Should Run.

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