Ariel Winter Takes On The Worst Mean Girl Characters Of All Time

What do Regina George, Nancy Downs, Heather Chandler, Blair Waldorf, and Amber from Clueless all have in common? They're all major mean girls. And they've also all been portrayed by anti-mean girl Ariel Winter as of this week.

Winter — who has taken a strong stance against bullying in real life — morphed into some of the most toxic female characters of the big and small screen for a recent feature in Cosmo. And while the 18-year-old actress is staunchly opposed to bitchy behavior, she sure knows how to pull it off in front of a camera.
"You have to admire their honesty," Winter said of the personas she took on for the video. "They're pretty unabashed about the things that they feel."

That doesn't mean that she's condoning the idea that being a tad mean is cool, though. "I don't really admire somebody who deliberately goes out of her way to hurt other people. Being mean to people is not cool. And why I found it so awesome to do this shoot and play these characters is that I'm right now trying to speak out against bullying and people tearing others down, and I love that I got to play these characters and trump them in a sense. I got to overtake them.

What they do is not right — and I'm above it." Read the rest of her comments about mean girls, bullying, and her personal definition of "bad bitch" on Cosmopolitan.


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