Ariel Winter Calls Nash Grier Homophobic In An Instagram Essay

When it comes to homophobia, Ariel Winter isn't about to forgive and forget. So, when Vine star Nash Grier used the hashtag #FavNashVid, asking his fans to post their favorite Nash Grier videos, she created a hashtag of her own in response: #whydoyouhavefans.


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Along with the hashtag, Winter tweeted out, "#FavNashVid that one time when he was just super homophobic and ignorant?" Winter is likely referencing an extremely homophobic video Grier has since deleted, (though it's preserved on YouTube).
She went on to post a lengthy explanation on exactly why she won't let Grier off the hook for the homophobic and sexist videos and racist remarks he's made in the past. She explained, "I don't believe your views have changed, I just believe your forum for spouting them has changed."

In response to @nashgrier from my last post...

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Grier then reached out to Winter on Twitter, asking to exchange direct messages so he could, "explain why your opinion about others opinions are far from reality." It looks like they're still battling though public messages, however. Winter has tweeted out, "Whatever you put on the internet makes a lasting impression USE IT WISELY," while Grier has tweeted out, "Never make your first impression of someone on the Internet."
We reached out to Winter's publicist, but he declined to comment.

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