You Can Now Pick Your Porn Using Emoji

Typing words can be so hard, especially if you're maybe using one of your hands for something more important. Thankfully, Pornhub is here to save the day with a free new service that allows you to text it an emoji. Why? It'll send you a curated video that aligns with the theme. People already use emoji to denote sex on social media (?, anyone?), so this actually makes a weird kind of sense.
Here's a handy guide:
Photo: Courtesy Pornhub
We're assuming to unlock the additional categories, you have to hand over your credit card.
Because I'm here for you and your needs, I tried out a few emoji, starting with the ? (for women). We immediately got a text back with a 26-minute clip that featured a three-way with two men and a woman. It was a pretty traditional porn video and 26 minutes is kind of a lot to watch on your phone.
Next up, I punched in ??, which should have resulted in "uniform" porn. Unfortunately, if you change the skin color of the emoji, you get a "sorry no match, here is another video you might enjoy." Only the bright yellow faces will deliver the exact topic you want.
Lastly, I tried the ? emoji for a hentai fix. I'm not really into hentai, but I appreciated that this video got straight to business — it opened with a (cartoon) sex scene, which is all most of us want out of adult entertainment.
And yes, you can do it with one hand.

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