Prince George Met President Obama — & It Was Adorable

Prince George meets The President and First Lady of the United States.

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Did President Obama just make a new ally across the pond? The commander-in-chief, whose record on courting the small-child vote is quite strong, appears to have worked his dad-in-chief charm on His Highness, the (tiny) Prince George of Cambridge. The official Kensington Palace Instagram account posted a photo on Friday afternoon of the Obamas meeting the 2-year-old prince, who seems to be just up from a nap. In perfect royal style, George greeted the president in a monogrammed bathrobe. And in true toddler fashion, he’s looking at his dad with a slightly worried expression as he meets this strange big person called a “president.” The Obamas swung by Kensington Palace, where they met the tiny future heir to the throne, for Friday dinner during their three-day stay in London. That afternoon, Obama delivered a speech to exhort the United Kingdom to stay in the European Union. The President told British newspaper The Telegraph that the European Union "magnified" British global influence. Though there's no such thing as an uncontroversial figure in politics, when it comes to kids, Obama is unparalleled. The president is famous for his baby-whispering ability — he's been caught with kids so many times that there's an entire Tumblr devoted to documenting it. From famously one-upping the first lady in soothing a crying baby, to playing the villain to a tiny Spider-Man, to keeping a completely blasé reaction to temper tantrums, it's tempting to think he missed his true calling. Perhaps after he hands off the presidency in January, he'll be available for babysitting gigs?

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