How Britney Spears Helped One Man Plan The Perfect Proposal

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/ Getty Images.
Britney Spears means a lot to her fans. At a recent meet and greet in Las Vegas, Ms. Spears was able to become a part of two fans' lives in a big way — fans whose relationship history already included her. The engagement was broken down in a recent post to Britney Galaxy, a Britney Spears fan site. In the Galaxy post, the fan recounted how he and his now fiancée first connected through Spears, explaining that nine years ago, he took his then-girlfriend, Courtney, to a Spears show. He went on to explain, "Prior to the show, I was approached by a couple people asking if I wanted to be apart [sic] of the show. I said yes and was escorted backstage, but Courtney wasn’t allowed to come with me. I was brought up during the show and Britney gave me a lap dance and basically solidified mine and Courtney’s relationship, as I believe she may have fallen for me because of all that."
And after calling in some Spears connections, he was able to arrange for Britney to bear witness to his proposal last week. He recounted exactly how it went down, saying, "I got down on one knee and asked, 'So, I’m asking you in front of our friend Britney here. Will you be my wife forever?' Courtney started to shake and cry and smile, etc… She stuck her hand out, but kept looking at Britney, then back at the ring. Britney, then the ring. Finally, I asked again, 'So, what do you think?? Want me to put it on you, or what!?' That’s when Britney laughed really hard out loud, as did we all. She said yes and I placed it on her finger as everyone cheered us on." Now, they just have to decide which Britney song they'll use for their first dance.

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