Do You Remember The Biggest Dance Trends Of The Last 10 Years?

This story was originally published on April 20, 2016, but today is National Dance Day! Let's dance!
Dance crazes seem to rise and fall very quickly now that they can spread through vines and YouTube videos instead of passed around without the help of the web. That's why the last 10 years alone have created enough viral dance moves to fill an entire compilation video. The New Yorker got together some dance stars already known for their moves, like The Ron Clark Academy, to create a quick rundown of the decade in dance. The video kicks off with 2006's "Chicken Noodle Soup." A dance craze that took off at a time before Instagram and Vine, when MySpace was still going strong. And the dancers take viewers all the way to 2015's "The Quan." So, enjoy this mini history lesson. Maybe you'll decide it's time to bring one of the mid-2000s moves back.

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