This Mattress Has “Cheater” Detection

Photo: Courtesy of Durmet.
If you feel that your partner might be cheating on you, you have several options. You could have an open, honest conversation with the person. You could break things off to avoid heartbreak. Or you could spend lots of money on a tech-savvy mattress that will let you know if your significant other is having an affair on the very bed you share. Smarttress, created by the Spanish company Durmet, is a cheater-catching mattress that uses vibration sensors and a "contact zones detector" to find out whether unusual action is happening on the bed.
If the $1,750 mattress detects motion, meaning your lover may be using it with someone who is not you, you'll get a little "mattress is in use" message. That has to be even more of a disappointment than one of those "you're almost out of data" texts. And if you're morbidly curious (in addition to having serious trust issues), you can track the intensity of the activity, as well as the "impact per minute." I guess that way you'll have some real, solid figures to bring to your next therapy session. And for those who fear this might be just another "milkshake run," Antonio Muíño, a spokesperson for Durmet, confirmed to ReCode that the invention is real, although it is currently still in the manufacturing stage. It seems like this technology could lead to a lot of miscommunication. I can just see someone rushing home, sure their partner is having an orgy, only to find their dogs jumping on the bed. Perhaps this'd be better marketed as just another "activity tracker."

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