This Site Translates Your Words Into Cat Speak (Fur Real)

Photographed by Eva K. Salvi.
Do you ever hear about something new and wonder how in the world it didn't already exist? That's how we feel about Kittify, a website that turns your emails, tweets, texts, and more into cat speak. A dialect to go along with cat memes? Purrfect. The site's genius is in its simplicity. A box at the top allows you to enter your text. Kittify then uses a basic grammatical code (you can click the site's "How does this work?" button for all the details), that translates various parts of speech into "kitty dialect." So, for example, "I'm looking forward to seeing you later" becomes "I'm looking furward to seeing you later." (Yeah, it's not so much meows as cat puns.) Of course, at times the site can be a bit too basic. There are plenty of sentences that don't come out any different in cat code (at least for now). The sentence "Let's just pause and reflect on this for a second" comes out "Let's just pause and reflect on this fur a second" — missing a terrific "paws" opportunity. The more more text you enter, the better your shot at getting more kitty language out of the generator.
But the site is catnip for those who live for their little furball at home. Dog-lovers, beware: Showing this website to your cat-obsessed friends is guaranteed to make them insufferable.
Photo: Courtesy Kittify.

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