These Brothers Convinced Their Sister That The Walking Dead Had Come To Life

Recording a loved one who's just had surgery — and is still in a drugged-out stupor — has become a common ritual. Whether it's your dad, your wife, or your BFF behind the camera, if you say something ridiculous post-op, it will be caught on video. Recently, a pair of brothers upped the ante on a recording of their sister after her wisdom teeth removal — by convincing her they were in the midst of the zombie apocalypse.
Based on their little sister's level of disorientation, the siblings probably could have opted for a low-touch approach to their prank, like simply screaming, "Zombies are coming!" with an appropriate expression of fear. But they went all out, employing a fake emergency alert on the radio and a panicked call for their mom. They then used their poor sister's "end of the world" mentality to figure out what's really important to her.
The question of what she wants to save from the undead gets a quick response — the cat, as the family pooch is apparently "the worst" and "already dying." But she can't seem to choose between chocolate cake and funfetti. Some decisions are just too big for one woman.

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