12 Things We Learned From Going #DownInTheDM With Kim Kardashian

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What don't we know about the Kardashians at this point? Apparently, still a lot. Yesterday, Khloé Kardashian shared her list of firsts, and last night Kim Kardashian answered questions on her website and app telling her fans "the weirder the better." She had her fans tag questions with #DownInTheDM and she really did let things get weird. From her diamond earring drama to her airplane sex life, these are 12 things we learned from episode one of Kardashian's live tell-all...
1. If she could be anyone else for a day she would be Jesus, because she wants "to see what's going on in the world." 2. She doesn't really want to have more kids because it's stressful. 3. Her must-have drink from Starbucks sounds... interesting: "Coffee bean soy blueberry pomegranate latte." 4. She is "definitely" a member of the mile-high club. But, the private mile-high club. "I don't think it was like a public plane or commercial flight." 5. When she watches old episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, she doesn't really wish things were portrayed differently, she is just ready to have fun again. "We gotta get back to crazy," she and her sisters told each other while watching re-runs in Vail, she said. 6. She wakes up at 6 a.m. everyday. 7. Her housekeeper has walked in on her having sex with Kanye West. 8. Kylie Jenner found that infamous diamond earring when it fell out of Kim's ear in Bora Bora. Kim said the earrings cost more than her Rolls Royce, and that they were uninsured. "I got them two days before that trip. Hundreds of thousands of dollars going down into the ocean. So I cried because that is such hard work that went into them. I felt like it would have been bratty if I didn’t cry and was like 'Oh no big deal.’" 9. She rarely wears underwear and prefers to be commando. 10. Her favorite food are beignets and churros. Beignets from Cafe du Monde, only, and churros from Disneyland or Magic Mountain. 11. She would be a koala bear if she could be an animal. 12. The craziest place she's had sex (other than on a private plane) is in a public movie theater.

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