This Video Perfectly Skewers Annoying Facebook Statuses

Photo: Courtesy Madeline Buxton.
Facebook statuses have gone through an interesting evolution. Remember when the social network used to have the awkward "[Your name] is..." format? Some gems unearthed from my early years on Facebook include "Maddy is...loving life :)", "Maddy with mah sisters", and "Maddy is...trying to come down from a cloud." Glad I shared all those action-packed stories with the world. Since the site ditched the forced use of gerunds, statuses don't just reflect what you're doing right now; they reflect just about anything imaginable. But, there are some themes you see over and over again. You probably know the "friend" who always posts the inspirational quotes, the one who says she had a terrible day but refuses to give any context, the oversharer, and the guy who loves to post about his Crossfit WOD. In a true stroke of genius, comedian Jason Horton has captured all of those obnoxious Facebook tropes in Facebook in Real Life. It's a YouTube series that celebrates and laughs at the weirdness of the site's 1.6 billion users. And it's a much-needed look at the strange liberties people take online. Check out his take on hilarious statuses in the video below. Then click here to enjoy more.

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