Rock-Climbing Proposal Goes From Romantic To Life-Threatening

Proposals should be romantic, creative, and memorable, but this dude upped the ante with his dangerous stunt. Michael Banks, a 27-year-old romantic, scaled California's 600-foot Morro Rock to pop the question to his girlfriend. Too bad this innovative proposal didn't go as planned. As his girlfriend watched him via FaceTime, Banks became lodged on a cliff's edge. He, quite literally, had nowhere to go, reports Morro Bay fire captain Todd Gailey. "He couldn’t go any direction, on a sheer ledge, with his feet dangling 80 feet off the ground," Gailey told the New York Post.
According to the Morro Bay Fire Department's Twitter account, Banks didn't have permission to climb the mountain. The fire department still deployed a helicopter to rescue him, though the New York Post reports that he may be ticketed for illegally scaling a mountain. There's a happy ending to this scary story, though: Banks' girlfriend said yes! Let's hope the couple picks a different location for their upcoming wedding.

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