9 Times Stephanie Pratt Was The Best Part Of The Hills

The Hills started out as Lauren Conrad’s journey from the beachy waves of Laguna Beach to the glittering lights of Los Angeles. She moved there to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (better known to everyone who watched the show as FIDM) and pursue a career in fashion. Along the way, she collected and lost friends (Heidi Pratt, née Montag), fell into and out of love (Jason Wahler), and met quite the motley crew.
One member of said crew was Stephanie Pratt. At first, Conrad and Pratt were enemies. This seemed like a foregone conclusion, given that Stephanie is Spencer Pratt’s sister, and Spencer and Conrad are mortal enemies. (He and Heidi KNOW what they DID.) The first time Stephanie appears on The Hills in season 3, she’s getting up in Lauren’s face at a club. It’s an “any enemy of my brother and future sister-in-law is an enemy of mine,” borderline Shakespearean confrontation.
In her typical calm, cool, and collected fashion, Conrad merely replies, “Don’t fight other people’s battles,” shutting down Stephanie’s tirade. Brody Jenner, with whom Conrad is hanging out at the time (making fans question the nature of their relationship — are they friends with benefits? Just friends? Do we even care? Well, Jenner revealed it was all faked for TV in 2014. The important takeaway here is: Can you believe that at one point, Brody was the most famous Jenner in our lives? My, how things have changed.) isn't having any of Stephanie's outburst, either, nor does he heed her request to come back to her and her friend Roxy's place.
Over time, however, Conrad and Stephanie Pratt actually become friends. It helped that they were both students at FIDM and even wound up in a few classes together. Still, everyone on The Hills is as shocked as viewers at this strange turn of events. Much like her brother, though, Stephanie does make for some excellent television. In honor of her 30th birthday, we’re taking a look back at some of the times Stephanie Pratt was the absolute best part of the show.

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