This Virtual Reality Sex Suit Will Haunt Your Dreams

If you're a man in Japan with $400 who's looking for a more futuristic way to masturbate — good news! There's now a sex suit for that. A Japanese company called Illusion just created a virtual reality sex suit called the "Illusion VR." The suit comes with a virtual reality headset, a suit made to stimulate the body, and squishy fake boobs. The Illusion VR is made possible thanks to a plethora of products from other companies, including one from Tenga, which specializes in masturbation aids for men. A spokesperson from Tenga told Refinery29 via email that the Illusion "includes a force-feedback controller called the Novint Falcon, a VR headset, and a Tenga Cup. What Illusion has done is combine the three separate products with their animated content."

According to Inside Reality
, the special masturbation suit "can send impulses all over the wearer’s body to make it feel like another human being is touching them." If you're brave enough to watch the video above, you'll see a man dressed in his astronaut-like sex suit and really enjoying his Illusion. You can see the sex sleeve that stimulates his penis, and the fake breasts that he's free to squeeze to his enjoyment. You can even see the anime "woman" with whom he's having VR intercourse. The Illusion suit is designed to work with a choose-your-own-sex-adventure game called "Sexy Beach," but Inside Reality notes that one day, it "could be used for intimate cyber meet-ups with those you may or may not know personally." That's right, folks: You can say goodbye to those real-life meet-ups and all that cumbersome real-life sex. The Illusion is retailing for $400, and it's only made to stimulate men — sorry gals, no VR sex for you. But if you're a straight man who is sick of hooking up with living, breathing women and doesn't mind shelling out tons of cash to sweat inside a sex suit, it looks like the internet has answered your prayers.

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