Why The “Model-DJ” Craze Is Officially A Thing Of The Past

Electronic music has seen an explosive resurgence in the past ten years, becoming a multi-million dollar industry where top DJs are paid unfathomable amounts to rage. The music industry has historically been male-dominated, and the DJing world is no exception. Armed with vinyl and ambition, women have had to work twice as hard to gain the respect of their peers as both DJs and electronic music pioneers.
So what should we make of the trend that saw Paris Hilton and other bikini-clad models taking over after-party turntables? Was this a trend spurred by tokenism? Did it diminish opportunities for other women in the game, or did it ultimately open up the industry for women to scratch records with abandon? We asked veterans and industry experts to map the origins of this trend, and how women in the DJing world are finally garnering the respect they deserve.

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