Sushi Burgers Are Instagram’s Best Food Mashup Idea

Food mashups are right up there with music mashups as our favorite kinds of mashups. In the past, we've brought you things like the egg waffle cone. Now, meet your new best friend, the sushi burger. The concept behind it is a pretty simple one: You take rice as the bun and put sushi quality fish or other ingredients where the burger meat goes. But the execution is finger-kissing good. Sushi burgers are all over Instagram. Look at them.
Some restaurants use traditional burger meat inside the sushi rice bun. A nice nod to tradition.

Hamburg Sushi Burger

Posted by Sushi Burger on Saturday, March 7, 2015
Others use pork belly with some egg, which looks just insanely delicious.

Pork belly burgers!

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This Venezuelan restaurant dusts their burger with spice before layering on the avocado and tuna.

SHIBUYA burger!!! Super especial! #burger #sushiburger #sushi #shibuyalover

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Frying the rice is a nice way to get the consistency more like a traditional bun.
We're just gonna show some more pictures of sushi burgers. You want to see them.

Sushi Burger, Salmon, Wasabi Aioli, Sichimi Sprinkle at @papaya_asian

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Next up out of the food labs: Tempura hot dogs. Just kidding: That's called a corn dog and it's already delicious.

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