This Ice Cream Gives Us New #DessertGoals

New York City is our nation’s, and perhaps the world’s, dessert capital. This is the city that has brought you the rainbow bagel, the cronut, and the cinnamon spun roll. But can the city that never sleeps innovate even further? Of course it can. New York City ice creamery Eggloo is using egg waffles in the Hong Kong style as their cones and, in the process, has restored their home city as the greatest in the known universe. We’re going to show you some pictures before we tell you more, so just strap in.
You want this.
This looks super good to you.
Eat the damn ice cream.
We mean, it’s got like fruit, candy, Pocky, mochi, and the entirety of known human happiness as toppings. Who wouldn’t want that? Look, here’s a map. It’s in Chinatown, that’s basically next door. You can do it. Go, now.

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