The Meaning Behind The Name Of Beyoncé’s New Fitness Line May Surprise You

As you've likely already surmised, at least part of the moniker for Beyoncé's new fitness apparel venture comes from her daughter. But the story behind Ivy Park actually goes deeper than that. And the meaning might actually bake in a little extra motivation to help you work up a sweat and never give up, à la Bey. Turns out that when Queen B was a wee babe, her pops used to wake her up in the morning to go running (wait for it) in the park. "I remember wanting to stop, but I would push myself to keep going," the pop star says in the voice-over for the line's latest promotional video. "It taught me discipline. And I would think about my dreams. I would think about the sacrifices my parents made for me. I would think about my little sister and how I was her hero." "I would look at the beauty around me, the sun shining through the trees. I would keep breathing. There are things I'm still afraid of. When I have to conquer those things, I still go back to that park. Before I hit the stage, I go back to that park. When it was time for me to give birth, I went back to that park. The park became a state of mind. The park became my strength. The park is what made me who I am. Where's your park?"
Inspiring stuff, right? One question, though: Is the message built into this workout gear actually going to help us run faster? With Bey, you never know.

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