David Beckham’s New Tattoo Is Super Romantic

David Beckham, international soccer star and Victoria Beckham's other half, has gotten yet another tattoo — this time, on his ankle. The father of four posted his new ink on Instagram, thanking tattoo artist Mark Mahoney of Shamrock Social Club for the work. "Always nice to sit and listen to marks [sic] conversation for 5 hours whilst watching him work," Beckham wrote. "True artist."
At this point, it's almost impossible to keep track of Beckham's tats, which run the gamut from Greek mythology-inspired pieces to homages to his wife, sons, and daughter. There is even an entire website dedicated to decoding them. On his right arm, he sports two cherubs meant to represent his first two sons; on his left, he has an image of Cupid and Psyche from the Greek myths. In a recent interview with GQ — which says he has 40 tats — Beckham says his wife wasn't always so pleased with his ink addiction, but has come around. “The tattoos are a way of me expressing deeper feelings about the things I care about and love,” he told the mag, “Am I done? Probably not...Think Victoria’s given up on telling me to stop now. She used to. She used to say, ‘Do you have to?’ But she knows it makes me happy.” Another recent tattoo, a male and female running together, looks like it could be inspired by Greek art, too. Though Beckham has yet to reveal the inspiration behind it, we think it seems like a romantic gesture Victoria will definitely be into — especially if the 346,000 likes and counting on Insta are any indication.

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