How Hailey Baldwin Overcame Bullying

Joe Schildhorn /BFA/REX/Shutterstock
Hailey Baldwin has been famous since before birth. While she didn’t face traditional bullying in school, she’s been the target of a lot of online interest and cyber crime instead. Her friend-relationship with Justin Bieber inspired a lot of speculation, and she recently had her personal information hacked and posted online.

Baldwin revealed her thoughts on bullying in a brief profile in W Magazine.

“I wasn’t bullied by the mean girls in high school,” Baldwin, whose family mostly homeschooled her at their suburban Rockland County, New York house, tells W. “I’m just bullied by adults and teenagers all over the world.”

She said that performing musical theater and ballet as a youngster helped inure her to criticism. Which makes sense: Ballet might actually be a decent analogue for social media fame, as it has an impossibly high standard for perfection.

However, despite her negative experiences with the press, she’d like to go into the family business. “Acting is in my family,” she tells W. “My cousins, my sister, and I always say it’s a legacy that should be kept alive. In the future, it’s something I really want.”

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