This Simple Netflix Hack Makes Binge-Watching Even Better

We've all been there. You're just starting to get into your fifth consecutive House of Cards, fully ensconced on the couch with the blanket in just the right position. The laptop is across the room, because you have Chromecast. You've reached the perfect half-asleep state where House of Cards really makes sense on, like, an elemental level. Then Netflix wants to know if you're still watching. Yes, Netflix, but you've just made us aware that we haven't moved or spoken in hours. Why do that? Well that won't be a problem any more. The Next Web highlights a new Chrome extension that eliminates that pesky reminder. Flix Assist automatically presses the Continue Watching button and singlehandedly removes the worst part of Sunday hangovers. Or just Sundays in general. Simple? Yes but so is a mousetrap. Make no mistake, this is life changing.

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