Update: No, There Won’t Be Firearms Allowed At The RNC

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Update: The Secret Service announced Monday that firearms won't be allowed at the Republican National Convention, The Washington Post reports. Whether or not the petition was in jest, it looks like there's no chance of it actually coming true. This story was originally published on March 28.

A Change.org petition for attendees of the Republican National Convention to be allowed to open carry (the practice of openly carrying a firearm on one's person in public) at the Cleveland, Ohio, event has garnered more than 45,000 signatures. Since the petition was first posted last week, many have speculated about whether or not it was intended to be taken seriously. But even if it's just a meticulous act of trolling, it's gained a lot of attention in the past few days. GOP front-runner Donald Trump has even spoken out about the petition, saying in an appearance on ABC's This Week, "I have not seen the petition. I want to see what it says. I want to read the fine print." The petition was started by the blog, Hyperationalist, who did not respond to Refinery29's request for comment, nor those of other outlets, so far. The petition's description states that the Quicken Loans Arena's ban on firearms "is a direct affront to the Second Amendment and puts all attendees at risk." (Ohio is an open-carry state.) CNET speculates that the petition is "surely fine satirical comedy," but there's no definitive answer one way or the other. Still, the petition was filed by Americans for Responsible Open Carry, which doesn't appear to be a real organization. Its Facebook page is defunct, and the group doesn't seem to have an official website. Many open-carry enthusiasts, though, are supporting the movement. The website Young Conservatives wrote in a post on Saturday, "If this petition trudges onward, you'd have to think higher-ups will start considering what it says." Some Twitter users have praised the Change.org petition, too, though others have mocked it. Real or fake, it's definitely a conversation-starter.

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