Put A Bern On It: Birds & The 2016 Election

Bird activism is at an all-time high this election cycle. Our avian friends are sending representatives uninvited, in classic Snow White/Cinderella-style, to speak with the presidential candidates. And it looks like birds are feeling the Bern.

Bernie Sanders was actually speaking at a rally in Portland, Oregon, when the "put a bird on it!" gag from Portlandia became way too real.

Which led cartoon artist @karpour to nail it with this design for a new Bernie campaign poster.

This singsong endorsement from Bernie's feathered friend sparked the new #Berdie and #BerdieSanders hashtags on Twitter, where memes abound and even more birds made their, um, statements in solidarity.


On the other side of the aisle, America's most conservative bird does not seem to favor Trump, as his photoshoot with a bald eagle went so famously wrong.

Trump's camp apparently photoshopped a fake eagle on his arm for the final promotional image. This only stirred up greater animosity among America's disenfranchised bird population. Unfortunately, demands for fair and accurate representation of birds were literally tweeted, not Tweeted.

The photographers of the original image are now suing Trump for ripping off their image.

Meanwhile, feathered friends of Hillary Clinton have been quiet since her photo op with Big Bird circa 1994.

In a possibly related incident, vultures were reportedly seen circling the campaign of Ohio governor John Kasich.

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