Amy Schumer Re-Enacts J.Lo Music Video On A Yacht

It’s celeb spring break season as the world’s beaches are crowded with our young and beautiful. Amy Schumer, alongside boyfriend Ben Hanisch and a nice couple named Seinfeld, took her turn this week as she posted and posed for a series of pictures on Instagram sure to make us wish we were there with her.

The first is an image on a yacht in which Schumer crawls on all fours while friends pose around her. Cheers for referencing J.Lo while on a boat, jeers for being out of focus. It’s 2016. Just take another picture.

Jlo music vid shoot

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

Second up is a photo of Schumer and Hanisch embracing with the caption “Human centipedes,” a reference to a film series in which people's mouths are sewn onto the butts of others in a repeating series creating an ecosystem of horror that is viscerally upsetting. On the plus side, the background looks nice.


Human centipedes

A photo posted by @amyschumer on

In the next photo, Schumer, Hanisch, a friend, and the Seinfelds leap from a dock. Jerry is pretty shockingly in shape. Also, it must be really weird to hang out with Jerry Seinfeld. Like, everything you said would seem like it was from Seinfeld.

The last photo is of Ben Hanisch making like an “Oh damn” face while Schumer smiles coyly at the camera. We agree, Ben. Good job on the vacation, guys.

A photo posted by benhanisch (@benhanisch) on


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