Kim Kardashian Met Her Doppelganger & It's Freaking Us Out

It’s a blessing and a curse to be a celeb lookalike. On the one hand, it’s great when your celeb is at the height of their popularity. You can win lookalike contests, pose for pictures with confused midwesterners, and bask in the glorious attention of people tagging their friends in your Instagram photos saying things like, “OMG I thought it was Kim.”

Kamīlla Ōsman is living this life to the tune of 236k Instagram followers. And today she fulfilled the ultimate celeb doppelganger dream of actually meeting the celeb that she resembles.

“Look who I ran into the other day - @kimkardashian, we can't wait for you guys to see our episode of #KUWKand see what we were up to xo Kim is such a sweet person and so so gorgeous, my god! -Kami,” she wrote on a picture of her meeting Kim Kardashian, who as you may have guessed by now, is her celeb lookalike.


And they really do look a ton like each other. This is like The Parent Trap, but with much higher stakes and much lower probability of future conservatorships. She posted other stills from her Keeping Up With The Kardashians days, including this gem with Jonathan Cheban.

very very busy day today ....

A photo posted by Kamīlla Ōsman (@kamiosman) on

Osman didn’t come by the look entirely naturally. Earlier this year, she told ET that she had plastic surgery that helped her look a little like the reality star.

"The only thing I did was my nose and my lips -- and the nose was for medical reasons," Kamilla said. "I had my nose done, which is rhinoplasty, for my health problems. I had a deviated septum so I couldn't breathe. That was for that and they tweaked it a bit. You know, why not?"

Why not indeed. The resemblance is really striking. Here are two pictures for side-by-side comparison.

beautiful @chrissyteigen

A photo posted by Kamīlla Ōsman (@kamiosman) on

At the very least, Osman looks like a lost sibling. We hope, for her sake, that Kim stays famous forever.

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