Khloé Kardashian Demonstrates The Making A Murderer Rage Cycle

If you're among the legion of Netflix subscribers, chances are you spent at least part of the holidays and the better beginning of January camped out in front of Making a Murderer. You also may have gone through what has become a fairly standard emotional cycle while watching the series. First, there's general confusion. (Wait, who is this guy and what is happening here?) Then, there's suspicion. (But seriously...could Steven Avery really have done it?) Followed by a repeating combination of: rage, indignation, depression over the state of the American justice system, more rage, and then righteous indignation on behalf of the accused. Khloé Kardashian arrived late to the Making a Murderer phenomenon. But she went through the same emotional stages as the general populace while apparently binge-watching the show last night. And she documented the experience on Twitter.
All we have to say is: We feel you, Khloé. Months after the fact, we're still having a tough time with the series, too.

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