Julianne Hough Took Some Epic Family Vacation Photos

It’s spring break season for celebs and college students everywhere. Yesterday, we featured Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris as they got lovey-dovey on a beach. Today, Julianne Hough and fam are up.

Hough took mom and older sisters Marabeth, Katherine, and Sharee to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where they engaged in flagrant hat-wearing and basically were constantly falling over. We have no idea what might cause a group of people vacationing in Cabo to yell and fall over a lot, and any speculation would be insanely irresponsible.

Here are their pictures of either a super-fun family vacation or a seemingly innocent trip about to go horrifyingly wrong.


Sissy and momma bonding time!!!!

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Here they are in hats.

Hat game on point! @katherineh82 @marabethpoole #msl #hydrate #sissysquad #plusmom

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Here, mom is twerking and then all the girls pile onto her.

Am I getting on top?! #mls #sissysquad #plusmom #hydrate @marabethpoole @shareewise @katherineh82 @paintvalues

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Here they are, horsing around.

We are NOT horsing around #MLS #sissysquad #plusmom #hydrate

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Here they are, falling over into a hot tub. “Yoga balance fail,” is right.

Yoga balance FAIL!! Lol #MLS #sissysquad #plusmom #hydrate @marabethpoole @katherineh82 @paintvalues @shareewise

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Here they are leaping in terrifying slow motion. Spring break forever.

Here, Marabeth explains their plans for the day, which includes waking up early. On vacation. Horrifying.

And that's my Marabeth. ..wahooo...#organizer

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They've been forced into a bathtub because the outside hot tub has stopped working. Which is notably tragic.

The hot tub by the ocean was too cold so we improvised.....wahooo.... #closefamilyties

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Here they are now lounging on a boat.

Going sailing...wahooo...#snorkling #sealions #pelicans #whales

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While waking up at 7 a.m. and taking family photos can be rough, this looks like the best possible version of those things. Plus, they got to hang out with a horse. Always a crowd pleaser.

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