The Most Ridiculous Selfie Stick of All Time Has Arrived

Photo: Courtesy Neumagine.
Despite the fact that the selfie stick has led to more deaths than shark killings and incited the anger of non-tourists everywhere, it is still extending its telescopic reach. Case in point: this new Kickstarter campaign for the ultimate tricked-out selfie stick. Flip It, a "4 in 1" stick retailing for $50, isn't just a stick (that would be so 2014). It's also a "premium selfie case" with a kickstand and a wireless remote with Bluetooth technology. This is either the most ridiculous selfie stick in existence, or the most brilliant. The remote feature, which lets you take a group shot from farther away, basically functions like the self-timer on a camera, mashing up old-school and new-school trends. Perhaps Flip It's biggest selling point is the fact that it's "a selfie stick you're not embarrassed to carry around" since the stick portion folds into the case. This is, in fact, very convenient, if you do want to carry a selfie stick — discreetly. But if you're using it as a stick to capture that perfect photo on the bridge, is it really all that different from a regular selfie stick? This is the selfie stick that no one needs but you can bet people will still buy anyway. As of now, there are 22 people backing the just-launched campaign, including two who pledged $89 for this premium photography device. Of course, when you consider that $500 rhinestone selfie sticks and glow-in-the-dark selfie sticks also exist, Flip It's support isn't all that surprising — it seems downright reasonable.

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