Comedian Defends Kim Kardashian's Naked Selfie On The Daily Show

The never-ending controversy over Kim Kardashian's naked selfie has made its way to The Daily Show. Comedian Neal Brennan joined Trevor Noah to add his opinion to the fray. After Brennan and Noah rehashed the frankly tired topic of whether or not we should care about the Kardashians because they aren't "news" — get over it, people — Brennan got to the crux of his argument.

"How does Kim post a picture and she's branded a slut, but Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham take their clothes off and they're heroes? What are we saying? You're a slut up to size six and past that you're a hero?" Brennan wondered. "Soon you'll hear women say, 'I'm heroic now, but I'm trying to get slutty by my wedding day.'"

Noah then asked Brennan, "So when a woman takes her clothes off, then what is she?" He replied,"I don't know? A person. A naked person."

Brennan was totally on the money there. Yes, a woman who poses naked is just a woman. But we have to take some issue with his earlier point, which was pretty simplistic. Sure, some have branded Schumer and Dunham "heroic," however, neither has been spared from the criticism facing Kardashian. Dunham has, sadly, been called a "slut" and Schumer was slut-shamed by a teenager. Unfortunately, no woman is exempt from that nasty label — not even the ones who are above a size six.

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