What If We Dated Like The Girls On The Bachelor?

Photo: Scott Evans/ABC via Getty Images.
The Bachelor is the epitome of a guilty pleasure show. It's superficial, it's not too relatable, but it's still so incredibly entertaining. The core idea behind the show is a very real struggle though — the journey to love and commitment. However, the path to get there is full of exaggerated conversations, catty drama, and "strong one-on-one connections." Have you ever thought about saying any of those lines yourself on a date when getting to know someone? How happy you were to "steal them away" for a second, or how "vulnerable" you feel with them because you're finally ready to let down those walls you built up from your previously failed relationships? Yeah, not too likely. Now, imagine if we did. What if we were to adopt the language of the contestants on the show and plug it into our real-life conversations with our significant others? Would it sound as crazy and cheesy as we think? The video team at Mashable did just that, and the result is a hilarious compilation of lines said on the show by contestants being used in a typical relationship. It proves just how remarkably empty the conversations on the show can be. So, lesson learned: Watch The Bachelor to be entertained, but try not to let your addiction to the show go so far as to start talking like its contestants. That just doesn't sound right.

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