Aaron Paul’s Wife Is A Bigger Making A Murderer Fan Than You

Photo: Michael Buckner/Getty Images for Audi.
Making a Murderer has been much binge-watched since its premiere on Netflix in December of last year. The lawyers are writing books. Steven Avery has new legal representation. Various previously unpursued leads have been hinted at. Many fans have settled for watching the series and reading the occasional updated article. Well, that just isn't enough for Aaron Paul's wife, Lauren Parsekian. "Lauren has already watched it twice and is emailing Steven Avery‘s lawyers with her theories,” Paul recently told People. “She’s watched and re-watched clips and has some interesting ideas of what happened.” Now that's some dedication! We also found a bit of photographic proof (see — we can do it, too!) confirming Paul's claim that his wife has been following the case for a while now. "No spoilers. Just watch this right now. It's so important. #stevenavery #brendandassey #makingamurderer," she captioned a post back in January.

No spoilers. Just watch this right now. It's so important. #stevenavery #brendandassey #makingamurderer

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When his wife isn't obsessing over Avery's trial, the two are looking forward to starting a family. Sooner, rather than later, Paul revealed. “It’s strange but it actually makes me want to have kids sooner than ever,” he said, referring to his new role on Hulu's upcoming series, The Path, in which he plays the father of an 18-year-old son. With rumors of a second season of Making a Murderer stirring around, it seems the couple has many things to look forward to. In the meantime, we'd like to read those theories.

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