The Making A Murderer Theory You Haven’t Heard Yet

Image: Courtesy of Netflix.
Nope, we're still not done with Making a Murderer theories — and this may be the most off-the-wall one yet. BuzzFeed tracked down a retired homicide detective named John Cameron from Great Falls, MT, who believes he knows the identity of Teresa Halbach's real killer. Like many Making a Murderer followers, he believes that Steven Avery was definitely framed — just not by the police. For the last six years, Cameron has been investigating a serial killer named Edward Wayne Edwards. “Every one of his murders was about setting anybody but him up,” Cameron explained to BuzzFeed. “He did exactly what he did in the Avery case, all over the country.” According to Cameron, there's reason to believe that Edwards is actually behind the Halbach murder. By his account, Edwards would have known that the police were likely to finger Steven Avery for the crime, and planned the murder — and the disposal of the body — accordingly. Cameron dug deep into Edwards' alleged involvement, even going so far as to trace him to background figures at the courthouse in the Netflix series. While we can't be certain that Cameron is right — in part because Edwards is no longer alive and able to account for his whereabouts, and also because this theory is absolutely a little out there — it's still a pretty compelling read for anyone still obsessing over the details of the case. Check out the entire interview with Cameron over on BuzzFeed.

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