Bill Gates Recreated His Yearbook Photo & It's Perfect

There's nothing like a good #TBT — and philanthropist and Microsoft founder Bill Gates just gave us a great one.

On Tuesday, Gates gave his fourth Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) and shared a surprising photo to prove his identity: An uncanny recreation of his 1973 high school yearbook photo. In the photo, he's reclining casually on a countertop, papers and books strewn haphazardly on shelves above while he holds a phone receiver in his hand.

The photo is truly a masterful piece of perfection. Gates managed to get nearly every single detail right, from the teletype machine on his right to the sneakers on his feet.
Photo: Courtesy Bill Gates/Imgur.
In the AMA itself, Gates shared some interesting tidbits about his life, as well as his thoughts on various topics. One funny response came from a Redditor asking what Gates' fondest memory was at Harvard.

"I decided that I would be different and never attend any class I was signed up for but always attend a class I wasn't signed up for," he wrote. (Thanks to well-timed studying, most of the time, Gates still managed to snag an A in the courses he did sign up for.)

You can check out the full question and answer session, here. In the meantime, we're going to lust after Gates' sneaker game and dream that we could be so naturally brilliant.

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