The Best Film Adaptations Of Classic Kids’ Books

Book adaptations can go horribly wrong. Not even Meryl Streep could save the flat take on The Giver. And those failures hit moviegoers even harder if its a beloved children's book headed to the screen. Fans have been dreaming of their favorite characters coming to life for years. They're sure that they could have cast, written, and directed it perfectly themselves.

But there are still plenty of page-to-screen films that please nearly every devotee; movies that capture the voice of the author or even put a particularly imaginative twist on the source material. Movies that might even convince a reluctant reader to take a crack at the book for the first time. Use this list to prep for your book club's movie night or to comfort yourself the next time you decide to give The Cat in the Hat a try and wind up filled with regret. They'll give you hope for the next attempt.