Is Kanye West Doing A Collab With Ikea?

Everyone loves some Ikea. And while it might come as a surprise, even megastars like Kanye West can’t get enough of the inexpensive Swedish decor brand. West was spotted visiting the design department at the brand’s HQ in Sweden, which has sparked rumors that there might be a Kanye x Ikea collaboration in the works. The rapper-cum-fashion-designer has hands in just about everything these days, so furniture design doesn't seem that far off. According to NY Daily News, he does indeed have ties to Ikea, having worked with designer Katie Eary on his Yeezy '11 collection. Eary currently has a limited run Ikea collection out now. So maybe it was just a bunch of old pals catching up over meatballs? While both parties have yet to confirm anything, it definitely makes us wonder what exactly an Ikea and Kanye partnership would look like. Oversized taupe Lack tables? Fur throws for all? Only time will tell.