6 Things The Downton Abbey Finale Got Right, & 5 Things It Got Wrong

After six seasons, a timeframe of roughly 13-and-a-half years, one war, countless marriages, untimely deaths, and cups of tea, Downton Abbey came to a conclusion last night (read our recap here). Julian Fellowes went into Oprah mode to make sure fans left satisfied. "You get a happy ending! You get a happy ending! And you get a happy ending!"
Series finales are infamous for going off-course or leaving viewers hanging, but, for the most part, everything here was tied up in a neat little bow that felt true to the show. And it was lovely to see our favorite characters bask in love, motherhood, and career success as the final chapter closed. Can we all just utter a collective sigh of relief that the Dowager Countess (Maggie Smith) didn't die? So glad that rumor didn't pan out.
Of course, we have a few minor quibbles (O'Brien not returning from wherever she's been lurking to torch the estate, for one). Read on to see which moments we loved, and which ones left us a bit underwhelmed.

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