The People-Rating App Nobody Wanted Is Finally Here

Photographed by Jessica Nash.
Last fall, we learned about an app that left many troubled: Peeple, described as the Yelp for people. The premise was that the app would allow users to rate people they encountered IRL — and those rated wouldn't have any control over what was posted. Basically, it promised to be a giant burn book on everyone's phone. The app's founders originally anticipated a November launch, but (thankfully) it was a no-show. Now, it's back. Fortunately, Peeple, currently set to launch March 7, is not the same app proposed back in October. Users won't be able to review someone's "personal, professional, and romantic" skills — the three categories featured on the app — unless that person agrees to be reviewed. And if someone does give you a serious take-down, you can hide it. However, if someone really wants to see all the dirt on you, they'll be able to pay for an as-yet-unavailable "truth license" (which sounds like the title of a Lifetime movie about a shady driving instructor). Julia Cordray, a co-creator of the app, told the Calgary Herald that she sees the app as of interest to people "who want to safely manage their online reputation, and those who want to make better decisions about the people around them." That sounds fine, as long as it doesn't turn into a big people-bashing fest. You can download the app for free on iOS starting Monday. So make sure you're on your best behavior this weekend — or just don't opt in to the people-rating service in the first place.

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