The Pop Culture Questions You’ve Been Too Scared To Ask This Week

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We’re used to seeing articles such as, “The Technology Questions You’re Embarrassed To Ask... Answered!” or, “How To Boil Water & Other Cooking Basics You Somehow Never Mastered.” In the spirit of true honesty (this is a safe space), there’s something helpful for all of us in those articles. I personally have sent Refinery29’s technology editor so many questions about iPhone hacks that I’m surprised she hasn’t silently handed me a copy of iPhones for Dummies.

Still, it was only after being asked “What shows should I be watching?” for the 3,534th time at a dinner party, by someone who just learned that I write about television for a living, that the epiphany occurred. The R29 Entertainment team is so enmeshed in the world of pop culture 24/7 that we can probably tell you where any Kardashian or Jenner is at any given time. For most people, though, that’s not a possibility. They have things called “school” and “jobs” and “lives” that require attention. Responsibilities, one might call them.

And so this series was born. We want you to be able to focus on your life and get your burning pop culture questions answered in one place. There simply aren’t enough hours in the week to comb through Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice reviews to find out if you should go see it. There are also way too many options on Netflix, and life is too short to spend most of your precious binge-watching time scrolling through titles trying to choose what to watch.

In the interest of freeing up your time and finding the answers you seek, please read on.

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