Your Horoscope This Week — Mar 06 2016

Illustrated by John Lisle.
Photographed by Christine Hahn.
Hang on to your asteroid belts! This Tuesday, the first eclipse of 2016 rocks the skies, ushering in surprising developments and flinging open windows of opportunity for a brief, yet magical, period. And oh, the places we may go! Jet-setting Jupiter is sitting across the table from the eclipse, reminding us to cast a wider net in all that we do. This will be a solar eclipse, meaning it arrives with a new moon, and by extension, brings a flurry of fresh starts our way. Since eclipses reveal shadows (literally and metaphorically), it's hard to predict what might pop up — especially since this solar eclipse falls in dreamy, esoteric Pisces. A few possibilities: Divine creative downloads, spiritual awakenings, a sudden interest in yoga and meditation, the desire to extend the olive branch to a frenemy, or even to bolt from a situation that fails to thrill anymore. Bonus: Seeds we sow with this new moon eclipse come to fruition with a LUNAR (full moon) eclipse in Pisces on September 16, quadrupling the power of our crop. Plant wisely!

On Saturday, love planet Venus drifts into Pisces' poetic seas until April 5, making life feel a lot like a fairy tale. Reality? Thanks, but nah. A sweet escape is what we'll crave now, even if we know that vibe can't last forever. Then again, maybe it can. Venus in Pisces helps lovebirds drop their guards and get real about feelings. Before getting swept away in this rapid rush of spring fever, do run the background checks on anyone with bae potential. Red flags are not to be ignored.

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