This Little Girl Has To Wear An Eye Patch & Her Dad Is Making It SO Fun

You know that thing where you see something cute and you send it to your friend saying, "OMG, how cute is this?!" and then they write back like, "Eh, it's okay." You're kind of embarrassed, but you can't be mad, because everyone's different and that's just the way life is?
This is not one of those times.
Layla's Patches is an Instagram account created by Official Cool Dad Geof Grubb. His daughter, Layla, was born with a cataract in her right eye and has to wear a corrective patch on her left one for two hours a day to encourage vision improvement. So, he decided to turn lemons into just about the cutest lemonade you've ever seen.
"My daughter has to wear an eye patch. Tried to make the best of it," he explained simply when he first shared his work on Reddit last year.
Every day, Grubb draws a new design on Layla's adhesive eye patch — and while he's not a professional artist, these drawings are pretty damn great, both in style and content. Some days, she's got a princess, other days it's a Pink Floyd album cover. On Back To The Future Day, she had a DeLorean (and a sweet red vest). On Groundhog Day, her patch transformed into an alarm clock set to 6 a.m. There is no argument here: This is cute. If you disagree, you should probably go to the doctor or something.
"My inspiration is mostly pop culture things that I think will be funny or cute," Grubb told The Bump. Mission accomplished, man. Like anything that makes you "different," wearing an eye patch could easily have been a difficult or scary experience for Layla (who will likely have to wear them until she's 5). While he won't be able to shield her from all difficult, scary parts of life, he's certainly shown her (and other kids) just how great "making the best of it" can be.
Hang on to your ovaries and check out some of our favorite lewks.

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