The Bachelor Just Broke A Major Rule & People Aren’t Happy

Dating rules on The Bachelor have always been vastly different than the dating rules of real life. In the absence of a rose ceremony, you probably shouldn't be courting a full Zumba class worth of women. But one unspoken rule that has carried over from the real world into Bachelor world is pretty straightforward and unbreakable: Don't profess your love to more than one woman at one time. However, on last night's episode, Ben breaks that rule. And Bachelor fans are not pleased.
After a romantic day of sea turtle releasing (major props to the producers, because that is some adorable, metaphoric bonding time), Lauren B. confesses her love for Ben. In Bachelor land, unlike everywhere else, the proper response to her would be, "That's so sweet, thanks, babe." Instead, Ben confesses he loves her, too. Faux pas? Possibly, but still not full-monster mode.
Then comes his time with Jojo. It's like an instant replay, JoJo admits she's in love with Ben, and he gives her an "I love you" right back. Which means two women think they have Ben's heart. This unconscionable (!) behavior has led many Bachelor fans to decide he might not have a heart at all.
Some viewers were less outraged than than they were amused at Ben's amorous confessions.
Still others are hoping that Ben's love for two women will lead to a polyamorous conclusion.
This morning, Ben revealed on Good Morning America that he's engaged. So now the question is, which woman will he have to tell, "I love you, but just not as much as the other one"?

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