Justin Timblerlake & Jessica Biel Were The Cutest Couple At This Oscars After-Party

Sometimes the most adorable celebrity couples seem to fall out of the public consciousness because they're so cute. A lack of drama means there are no tabloid headlines to remind us these celebs are even (still) together. But Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel reminded us last night after the Oscars that they definitely embody #CoupleGoals.
The two posed for some silly pics on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair after-party. Then, they had their portrait taken for a more serious photo, complete with adoring looks. Vanity Fair dubbed the pair in an Instagram caption, "The Biel-Timberlake family," which is how I'm sure they sign their holiday cards. Timberlake and Biel got married back in 2012. The couple welcomed their first child, Silas, last April. So really, they're just your average parents excited for a night off. A night off they enjoyed in really nice outfits.

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